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Welcome to New Earth Tours – your specialist in crafting unforgettable safaris and self-drive journeys in Namibia and Botswana. With over 20 years of expertise in the Namibian travel industry, we excel in creating tailor-made experiences that showcase the best of these southern African destinations.

We focus on delivering exceptional travel services in Namibia, the heart of our operations, and Botswana, a land of stunning landscapes and diverse wildlife. Whether exploring Namibia’s vast deserts or the lush Okavango Delta in Botswana, our team ensures a seamless and enriching travel experience. Our offerings range from exhilarating safaris and self-drive tours to meticulously arranged accommodation and car rentals catering to your unique travel needs.

Our roots in Namibia’s tourism sector, particularly our extensive experience at Windhoek’s renowned Cardboard Box Travel Shop, have given us a deep understanding of what makes a journey truly memorable. We believe in personalizing your trip – understanding your preferences, offering expert advice, and ensuring every detail is perfect.

Your adventure in Namibia and Botswana awaits with New Earth Tours – where we turn your African dream into a vivid reality. Embark on a holiday with us and discover the wonders of Southern Africa. 

Discover Namibia’s landscapes and wildlife at your own pace with our customizable self-drive safari tours.

Enjoy a bespoke safari experience on our tailor-designed guided tours, immersing you in Namibia’s wildlife and landscapes.

Discover hidden gems with our specialist tours, including walking, birding, and fishing experiences perfect for enthusiasts.

Experience the thrill of Namibia from above with our fly-in safaris, designed for breathtaking views and wildlife encounters.

Our main goal is to help travelers discover the innumerable wonders Namibia has to offer. The agents at New Earth Tours will guide you through the process, from booking a trip to your specific requirements, to making sure you don’t miss out on any of the attractions Namibia has to offer. Ready to make lifelong memories? Request an itinerary today.

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